Fantastic Experience

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing from Osage County Bulldogs,(Larry) I am a first time buyer as well as first time bulldog owner so with that being said I had tons of questions; the education I was given is priceless. Larry was the most professional individual I have done business with in a very long time. It is a scary situation when dealing with money and Larry provided me with the comfort needed as a first time buyer. The dog I have received from Larry has been such a wonderful addition to my family. I would recommend OSAGE COUNTY BULLDOGS to my MOM so therefore I completely and fully endorse them as a very reliable company.

 Sharay, February 28, 2014 Thanks

Just received our pup this week. She's gorgeous with a huge set of paws. She loves to run around and play with my kids in the yard. Thanks Larry. Joe Long Island-NY
 Joe, March 22, 2012 RRRRRRRR WOW!!!!!!


 kati, March 10, 2012 best seller for  bulldogs

I bought hoss from Larry at osagecountybulldogs and I recommend anybody who wants a Old type bulldogges to buy from him! He answered all my calls and questions concerning about hoss before I had even got him letting me know how everything would workout with agreements on how I could get him and other questions I had about hoss! He will let you know himself and give you the phone number to know when the dog has been dropped of for shipping and the company that will deliver him so u could check the status on when he/she will b arriving. I am very pleased that I orderd from osagecountybulldogs. So for those of you looking and checking to buy a bulldog I strongly recommend to buy from them! I promise you that you will b very pleased and happy that you did!

 Michael, February 20, 2012 great bulldogs

OCB is producing some very best Bulldogs. They are very big blocky dogs with great pedigrees. You can search the net all day and not find better pups at this price. 
Richard Goulden of SBR's Bulldogs.


From Bill the rancher
The female I got from you is the best working dog I have ever owned.Most working dogs dont know when to stop working but that is not the case with my  Bulldog.I get on my 4 wheeler and she goes every where I go. She brings my horses in every night. When it comes time to work she is ready and seems just as content to lay at my feet when the work is finished.A stray bull busted down my fence the other day and I told my female Bulldog,"Let's go girl it's time to work".Not knowing what to expect from her I told her to get the bull and just pointed my finger at the bull. Wow, she went right for the nose and just held the bull.I told her to let go and she did. Then she chased the bull right off my property and down to where he belonged. I'm truly amazed, wow!
These dogs are truely amazing.
Bill Ouiatt
Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful female  Bulldog I bought from you last February. This is Joe the guy from Stillwater. Sissy is a nice big thick girl at one year old and looks to be filling out more and more each day. She is truly a wonderful dog, she is so patient with my 6 year old little girl; they play for hours and my girl lays all over her and Sissy just eats it up. She is very smart, she can sit, shake, lay down roll over and fetch. I was beginning to think that she was going to live up to her name Sissy as she showed little too no signs of aggression to any human that I brought in contact with her but I have been socializing her since I got her. However as of last month she has decided that the back yard is hers and she barks voraciously at any stranger if I am not around. The meter guy won’t come in the yard anymore. She definitely looks mean even though see is a pussy cat. She loves water, walks, playing tug-a-war and riding around in the truck with me, we made it as far as Texas and she did great all the way there and back minus losing a few points for farting. She is so eager to please and to be a part of the family, she is the best dog I’ve ever owned. You guys  at Osage County Bulldogs breed some great dogs,Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!!


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