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 Olde English Bulldogges


We are working extra hard to produce the Classic Olde time English Bulldogs , by staying true to the Renaissance Style of the 1889 standard. We have carefully selected our bloodlines to produce the best Olde English Style bulldog. Keep in mind , it's taken many years of prime selection to stay true to the Classic Olde Time Bulldog. And with help from friends and family we will go strong for many years to come.                                                    
We are located in Osage County Oklahoma, cattle and Bulldogge country. We have raised olde classic bulldogs many years with the help of family and friends. We believe they are the best dogs for you and your family. 

   As a group of hobby breeders (Friends and Family) is to work as a team with one true vision to own and produce the bulldog of old.We are breeding to a set standard that is set with the www.ioeba.com  Like the dogs of old English with historical references that go back well over 100 years. A medium to large size dog that has the muscular strength, power, agility ,along with a great drive but that is also extremly loyal and loving to his family. Focusing on health, structure, with excellent temperments and an intelligent dog that can be trained to gaurd his family and property.
     Thank you for visiting Osage County Bulldogs where our vision is to build a better bulldog. 



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